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Econ 425T tentative schedule and handouts (expect frequent updates)

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Week Tuesday Thursday Homework
1 1/10 course intro and logistics (ISL 1) [slides: qmd, html] 1/12 overview of machine learning (ISL 2) [slides: qmd, html] HW1 [qmd, html]
2 1/17 linear regression (ISL 3) [slides: qmd, html] 1/19 model selection and regularization (ISL 6) [slides: qmd, html] HW2 [qmd, html]
3 1/24 resampling method (ISL 5) [slides: qmd, html] 1/26 workflow (lasso) [slides: qmd, html]  
4 1/31 additive model (ISL 7) [slides: qmd, html], workflow (adding nonlinear features to predictive modeling) [slides: qmd, html] 2/2 classification (ISL 4) [slides: qmd, html] HW3 [qmd, html]
5 2/7 workflow (classifiers with nonlinear features) [slides: qmd, html] 2/9 tree-based and ensemble methods (ISL 8) [slides: qmd, html], workflow (pruning a regression tree) [slides: qmd, html], workflow (pruning a classification tree) [slides: qmd, html]  
6 2/14 workflow (random forest for prediction) [slides: qmd, html], workflow (random forest for classification) [slides: qmd, html], workflow (boosting for prediction) [slides: qmd, html], workflow (boosting for classification) [slides: qmd, html] 2/16 svm (ISL 9) [slides: qmd, html] HW4 [qmd, html]
7 2/21 workflow (svm with rbf kernel) [slides: qmd, html], workflow (svm with polynomial kernel) [slides: qmd, html] 2/23 neural network (introduction) [slides: qmd, html] HW5 [qmd, html]
8 2/28 neural network (practice) [slides: qmd, html] 3/2  
9 3/7 workflow (MLP with scikit-learn) [slides: qmd, html] 3/9 workflow (MLP with keras-tuner) [slides: qmd, html] HW6 [qmd, html]
10 3/14 unsupervised learning (ISL 12) [slides: qmd, html] 3/16 miscellany [slides: qmd, html]